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First Carbon Credit Corporation Supporting The Canadian Farmer

Our Services | Origination

First Carbon Credits Corporation originates and aggregates agricultural offsets, forestry credits, bio-digester credits, and energy efficiency offsets to benefit a diversified portfolio of producer sellers within various global marketplaces.

We handle the origination assessment, quantification, aggregation and verification of the GHG emission credits. We then convert these offset credits to compliance ready instruments for large final emitters to purchase for regulatory compliance or corporate obligations relating to emission reductions.

FCCC provides the producer farmers/landowners with an ever evolving user friendly data gathering and contracting process, and large final emitters with a low risk, well defined solution to their compliance obligations with government.

For landowners/farmers, aggregating projects through FCCC provides a value added cash revenue source. FCCC’s competitive advantage is that it pays its producers (ex. farmers) cash for their credits (based upon spot prices for completed projects). FCCC provides the financial incentive for farmers to adopt and maintain environmentally friendly practices in accordance with FCCC’s recommended practices. Most farmers would be too small to produce enough credits to satisfy the requirements of a Large Final Emitter, and transaction costs would be prohibitive for small projects. FCCC provides farmers with cost and risk management as it aggregates credits from varied sources.

FCCC currently has a portfolio of significant project opportunities under consideration.

FCCC currently operates in the thriving Alberta Offset marketplace while we await the complete development and approval of other North American offset markets.

We are able to originate and aggregate projects in Alberta using their already approved protocols, like Energy Efficiency and others.

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