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Our Services | Calculate & Purchase Your Credits to Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Help Fight Climate Change

Offset Your Carbon Footprint by Purchasing Carbon Credits to Become Carbon Neutral

How many Carbon Credits Do You Need to Offset Your Activities??

By calculating your carbon footprint you will be able to identify your major sources of emissions. You can then establish an action plan to reduce carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions and offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits.

Do you want to know the average CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita) for any country in the world? 
This is a QUICK way to estimate your personal Carbon Footprint.

Purchase Carbon Credits

Are you:

  • A company or organization and you want to offset
  • An individual and you want to offset
  • Organizing an event that you want to offset
  • Arranging a trip that you want to offset

Click Here to go directly to PURCHASING YOUR CARBON CREDITS based upon the QUICK estimate above.
Otherwise, continue below to calculate your Specific Carbon Offset Activities.

Basic Calculations (for more complex calculations please contact us)

Calculations are average values obtained by sourcing public data from Environment Canada (EC), Greenhouse Gas Protocol, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) National Inventory Reports, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  While many factors have been incorporated it is impossible to consider all variables.

If you want a complete Greenhouse Gas Inventory completed on your organization visit our GHG Quantification section and contact us.

Click on the icons below to calculate for your specific Carbon Offset Activities:

PERSONAL CARBON CALCULATOR Carbon Calculator for Individuals

CORPORATE CARBON CALCULATOR Carbon Calculator for Organizations

EVENT CARBON CALCULATOR Carbon Calculator for Events

TRIP CARBON CALCULATOR  Carbon Calculator for Trips

If you require more accurate calculator contact us with your feedback.