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Our Services | GHG Quantification

The absence of Federal greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation has not diminished the importance of businesses assessing their impact on global climate change. Growing concern amongst shareholder and investor groups has motivated many organizations to quantify their GHG emissions and commit to GHG reductions. Accurate quantification and detailed documentation of GHG emissions data enables a company to demonstrate transparency and enhance the credibility of its corporate climate change strategy. Establishing a comprehensive corporate GHG inventory is an important first step in developing a climate change strategy. However, conducting a baseline corporate GHG inventory can be a challenging process, particularly with respect to data gathering and data validation. A Certified GHG Professional enables organizations to effectively manage their GHG emissions.

The Principals at FCCC are CSA Certified to quantify, assess and report GHG emissions and emissions reductions that result from the business activities of organizations, specific facilities, or GHG emissions reduction projects. The new consulting services we offer are categorized into two major domains:

  • Inventory Quantification
  • Project Quantification

Refer to the following link for the CSA Certification of the Principals at FCCC:


Search for Robert Coulter (Certification #5844B) and Rita Middleton (Certification #5823A).

What We Do

We Determine the organizational boundaries by identifying which facilities/processes are to be included in whole or in part in your inventory.

We Identify available and reliable sources of GHG activity data for your inventory as well as quantify, monitor and perform testing requirements.

We gather all GHG activity data consistent with the requirements of the selected quantification methodology.

We follow all standards and/or good practice guidance for your business sector or project (from such sources as IPCC, ISO, EU ETS) to ensure accuracy, consistency, transparency, completeness, conservativeness, reasonableness, relevance, time-series consistency, etc.

We identify and use all legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to your jurisdiction, sector or project.

We determine your program requirements for the GHG project such as eligibility, baseline periods, threshold, start dates, etc., including the possibility of an environmental and social impact assessment.

We determine and establish your organizational, geographical, temporal and operational boundaries for the inventory/project based on a review of such factors as your facility or organizational structure, business entities that are included in the inventory, ownership and control, etc. as per guidance from your corporate policies, documents and standards

We calculate which methodology will be used to consolidate your organization's facility-level GHG emissions and removals.

We select the quantification methodologies that will reasonably minimize your uncertainty and yield accurate, consistent and reproducible results in accordance with program criteria as applicable.