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Company Profile


First Carbon Credits Corporation (“FCCC”) is a supply side carbon credits project development company and a Certified Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier with its offices in Alberta and Ontario. FCCC has been in business since 2010, and most recently launched its website offering for Carbon Footprint offsetting.

FCCC's unique and low risk project development business model is one that assesses project opportunities and manages the aggregation process from point of origination to sale. We mitigate the various types of risks, including government policy and counter party risk, and deliver a quality compliance ready instrument for entities under corporate or government Greenhouse Gas reduction obligations.

For those organizations looking to effectively manage their GHG emissions, the Principals at FCCC are CSA Certified to quantify, assess and report GHG emissions and emissions reductions that result from the business activities of organizations, specific facilities, or GHG emissions reduction projects. The consulting services we offer are categorized into two major domains - Inventory Quantification and Project Quantification.

FCCC's retail website offering allows environmentally conscientious individuals and/or organizations to offset their Carbon Footprint (GHG emissions), while at the same time supporting the Canadian farmer / land owner, by purchasing carbon credits from FCCC.

Our offsets are based upon responsible land use by the Canadian farmer / land owner. FCCC works with the Canadian farmer / land owner to generate carbon credits through best farming practices.